Breastfeeding and Chiropractic Care

It is common knowledge that breastfeeding a child has a number of benefits not only for the baby, but for the mother as well. Unfortunately, a lot of women experience difficulty breastfeeding and in turn get frustrated and soon after abandon breastfeeding altogether. What a lot of people don’t know is that a chiropractor can solve these issues and get these women back on the right track.

During delivery trauma occurs which can cause limited movement of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and other biomechanical injuries to the spine and cranium. These injuries can lead to tight muscles and reduced mobility in the child’s joints. The inability to open their mouth wide enough to encompass the entire nipple can default in compensating motions which can inflict pain to the mother. Frustration with poor latching and painful attempts can lead to the mother giving up on breastfeeding.

Bringing your child to a chiropractor after birth for adjustments and soft tissue work will allow these injuries and tight muscles caused by delivery to be relieved and the newborn will be able to create a successful breastfeeding relationship with the mother. It is shown that after chiropractic care an infant’s ability to latch and suckle efficiently is improved, as well as pain and injury to the mother during breastfeeding is reduced significantly. Most of these injuries can go undetected by hospital personnel and lactation specialists, but a chiropractor is well informed of the trauma caused by delivery and can make your breastfeeding experience much more pleasant.

Written by Jennifer Scanlon, our student intern!

If you are local to our practice I would love to help with your breastfeeding needs!  If you are not local you can visit to find a pediatric chiropractor near you!  If chiropractic care for your new born scares you, please rest assured, it is extremely gentle!  Many of my newborn patients sleep through the entire spinal evaluation and adjustment.

If after evaluation and treatment of your newborn, you are still having some issues we would be happy to get you in contact with Thrive Birth Services of Delmarva, Stephanie Amsel.  Steph is their lactation consultant and she is absolutely amazing!  She is full of knowledge and I have no doubt with the combination of chiropractic care and help from Steph, your breastfeeding struggles will be resolved and you can enjoy the bond a mother and baby have while breastfeeding.