Laying the Foundation with the Schaefer Protocol

How many of you have trained for something? A 5k, marathon, triathlon, board exam, state licensing etc… You get the idea! Did you just jump right in without training or studying? Most likely the answer is no! You trained for months or for some, years! With the above mentioned, we don’t want to just finish we want to succeed and feel good about our finish, whatever that may be. We should be seeing parenthood in the same light. Creating life takes time, prep work and training! We should be at our best when considering starting a family. When we prepare our bodies we are creating healthy seeds (sperm and eggs). Those seeds create our offspring. Why would we not be “training” for the conception of our offspring the way we do for an athletic event or scholastic achievement?

Dr. Iman has been working with a group of chiropractors from all over the world with the same goal in mind! “The Truth About Fertility” focuses on creating health for couples that are looking to add to their family!  Creating health “Before the Bump’ creates healthy pregnancies and healthy kids.   How does that work?  Well, we have 8 essentials for both parents in 120 day cycles called the Schaefer Protocol. Yes, you read that right! This protocol is tailored to both mom and dad! It takes two to tango! 120 days of taking the stress off of trying to conceive and focusing on your health first. Why 120 days? For us ladies, it takes 120 days for us to create new eggs! Yes, new eggs! In addition, for both men and women our blood cells turn over after 120 days of being in circulation.

Did you consider going to your chiropractor for fertility challenges?  It is not normally the first thought going through a couple’s mind but we hope to change that! Chiropractic adjustments alone can increase your success rate of conceiving by aligning the spine and pelvis allowing your body to function at optimal capacity for men and women! Chiropractic adjustments are the main focus with the Schaefer Protocol.

If you would like to start on your journey to health, give our office a call to set up your initial visit at 410-749-6672.